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Michael's Eyes

About the Book

Michael was a blind beggar, spending his days roaming the streets, asking for money . . . until he was touched by a stranger who gave him the gift of sight. The news of the miracle spread like wildfire and reached the Pharisees, who were outraged and agitated to find out who the stranger was.

To Michael’s surprise, his unknown healer was later executed. He wondered about a lot of things. Why him? Were there others healed by the stranger? He embarked on a journey to find out. He met lepers and sinners and was astonished that they all had one thing in common: an encounter with an unknown rabbi called Jesus.

Michael’s Eyes is a retelling of a story from chapter nine of the Gospel of John. It is a story of God’s miraculous provision that asks why some believe while others do not.

Robert W. Foster

About the Author

Robert W. Foster is a civil engineer. He earned his degree from the University of Vermont. He is now retired and currently lives in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Robert also served in the United States Air Force as a pilot and in the Federation Internationale de Geometre as its president from 1999 to 2002. In his spare time, he still provides consulting services in construction and dispute resolution and writes for technical publications.


All this talk of miracles! Look, we didn’t understand how or why he was born blind and we don’t understand how or why he came to see.

I could not speak. They had found someone as profoundly handicapped as me. What was I supposed to do with this proposal? I could only weep in humiliation and fury.

I cannot reconcile the irreconcilable. All I know is that he changed life for me and Leah.

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