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It was instantly obvious to her that the child was blind as she investigated his empty, lifeless eyes

Robert Foster April 26, 2018

The day that Michael came into the world blind, his mother was the first to discover the condition. Only minutes after the birth, Michael’s mother, as do all mothers, inspected the infant to assure herself he was healthy and complete in all his parts. It was instantly obvious to her that the child was blind as she investigated his empty, lifeless eyes. Minutes later, Michael’s father also . . .

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What must it be like to suddenly see after a lifetime of blindness?

Robert Foster April 19, 2018

This is how it was for Michael, in his words:

There is no preparation for sudden sight for one who had been blind from birth. You might think it is a wonderful experience. It is not. Suddenly to be aware of light—you have no idea of the shock. It is like a physical pain when your suddenly active optics begin sending crushing signals to your brain.

Then there follows quickly the phenome . . .

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But What About the Young Couple?

Robert Foster April 13, 2018

Which would be worse—a blind husband unable to support a family or a crippled woman unable to perform the duties of a wife? This was the dilemma facing Leah and Michael. Was there any way that such an unfortunate couple might make a successful life together? The two sets of parents, seeing the match as a last chance of desperation for the luckless young people, agreed to an arrangement in wh . . .

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But we have our own experience, what more do we need?

Robert Foster April 5, 2018

Michael searched for people with experiences similar to his own—a stranger had come into his life and performed a miracle. Michael, who had been blind from birth, was suddenly able to see. Trying to understand this and the subsequent disturbing events, he went upon a quest for truth. He was surprised by what he found.

A typical response was that the man said he would believe in miracles, . . .

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Robert Foster March 22, 2018

“No good deed goes unpunished” is one of those cynical observations we often hear. But the thought is recognition of the contradictions and injustices that often occur in our lives. Someone contributes generously to a needy group only to be accused of seeking political advantage. Or someone else tries to make peace between warring parties only to be told to “butt out.”

In a not-so-t . . .

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