Gospel of John

Robert Foster May 31, 2018


In the 9th chapter of the New Testament, Gospel of John is an account of a beggar who had been blind from birth until he reached 25 years old when he miraculously received his sight. His experience and his role in the ministry of a mysterious Galilean was quite different from that of others whose lives had been touched by Jesus. It was not the beggar’s faith that attracted Jesus to him by the road that day; it was for some other higher reason that he was chosen.

In Michael’s Eyes, we follow the newly sighted beggar for a while and discover the paradox of his life: He had received the most precious gift a blind man could hope for only to encounter problems as a result. He was unique in the fact that Jesus sought him out in a follow-up visit; he received new encouragement from that conversation and an indication of the purpose of it all.

But what about the rest of this man’s life? How did he live? And how did he reconcile his experience with the young rabbi and the rabbi’s subsequent execution? In Michael’s Eyes, we imagine the answers to these questions and complete the story of the man born blind.

If you want to know more about how God works in mysterious ways, read my book Michael’s Eyes. Feel free to comment below how you feel about the article. You can also follow me in any of my social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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