Could he hope to catch up to his peers with his education?

Robert Foster May 3, 2018

How difficult do you think would it be for a grown man with no education to have to start at the very beginning of his schooling? That is how it was when Michael, at the age of 25, received his sight. Though he had developed some understanding of vocabulary and syntax, the printed page was a mystery to him. Could he hope to catch up to his peers with his education?

Michael’s strength was in the powerful memory he had acquired in his years of blindness, as it is with all blind people Michael had had to learn and, remember, the physical material world in order to make his way through it. His keen memory accelerated his learning to read, which made it possible for him to study the history of his people, the writings of Moses and the prophets, and finally, improbably, to become a teacher of young boys.

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